Special Assistance Network
Education. Empowerment. Endowment.

We Are The "Special Needs Trust" People

 What We Do


The Special Assistance Network (also known as SAN) is a nonprofit organization that assists families with Education, so they can learn what their options are for dealing with the various issues that continually arise during the lifetime of a Special Needs individual. We facilitate Empowerment of those families by giving them options or alternatives, without the high price tag of the costly services provided by many attorneys, accountants, financial advisers and other financial institutions, such as banks or brokerage houses. We also provide for Endowment through the creation of Special Needs Trusts for families, and through donations we accept from the public, so we can serve the Special Needs community. From providing talented, quality personnel and resources to advocating for the natural capacity, power and abilities of Special Needs individuals, our goal is to enrich and give information and services to those families that seek and need such valuable and insightful information the most.


With Special Needs Trusts, in particular, it is easy to disqualify a loved one from receiving government benefits, so it is imperative that you have someone assist you who knows the rules and regulations surrounding these trusts to prevent the trustee from making missteps. Don’t pay two or three times higher fees … the “normal fees” through a financial adviser … when the Special Assistance Network can help you through the maze of rules and regulations. Instead, you can focus on protecting and providing for that special loved one.


Special Needs Trusts are complicated and complex legal instruments, but we have designed a plan and format that allows families to use these legal instruments without the extensive costs that most providers charge. Implementation of a Special Needs Trust requires the appointment of a qualified trustee (a family member or trusted friend) because they are familiar with the specific needs of the beneficiary; however, because of the complex nature of this type of trust, it is vital to employ a cost-effective third-party administrator to assist the trustee, such as the Special Assistance Network.

We have developed a lower cost way for families to deal with a Special Needs Trust for their loved one.  This powerful tool can enable family’s financial security for their loved one, along with “peace of mind” for the present and the future.